Welcome to 'Requiem Dream'

The most familiar experience to what gives you Old School Runescape feelings comes with the shared experience of the Requiem Famiglia.

Say no more to the 'I Am Right' mentality of massive 'Pro' clans with baseless character and bring Inclusivity and Supportive Community back to Runescape!

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"It's not about roles anymore, it's about souls, and the experience had in enjoying shared goals."

Follow Your Joy, And Live To Share It

Historical Legacy

Have we forgotten what makes RS awesome? The mystery of being a noob and enjoying new content with others. Constant expansion, with friends in your surroundings. That's the environment we're aiming for.


Are XP drops really fun, or are we grinding on our own for the next dopamine run? C'mon, really? At least laugh your ass off with a group of chaotic misfits fit together for wild activities.


There is no player that was once not a noob. If you're in this world, you are entitled to ask for help, and be a dumbass as you figure it out. No matter where on this earth, you are welcome.

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