The Requiem Famiglia

"Follow Your Joy And Live To Share It"

Redefining Communal Integrity From The Ground Up

A joint participation in the adventure that is life. Our purpose is devoted to forming an inclusive community within a supportive environment that provides a shared experience for all to enjoy. What's the success in a journey without someone to adventure with?

My Story

I started playing Runescape when I was 9. Back in 2008, I wasn’t too late. I was just on time. A natural born leader, my actions as a child would precede all I would aim to accomplish in leading teams in multiple game forms before I became a real world leader myself, leading by example, and coming back to Runescape to straighten up my home world for others to create that state of awakening for themselves. This was a part of my dream.

As a 3 time clan leader, the earliest days absorbed me into a world focused on learning how to first type and connect with people without origin or pride, but differences fused together to make us aligned. The separation I experienced at home and in this world set me apart from the abuse, and Gielinor and all its hope became my new way of being. Of course, I had to give that up at some point, but it never left me. Once a day job always a day job for the RS Mob, right? So I’m here to bring together the Requiem Famiglia, a chant that calls upon the fallen for a Dream that’s never-ending, ties all of our lives into a bind that bonds us by hearts over minds.

Always Evolving

Minds are a construct that make structure to our vision a system that makes division an after-mission. You’re welcome to stand out, but we’re focused on inclusivity and creating a supportive community first. No one wants to know everything in a game until you know everything in a game, and then it’s no fun anymore. The dynamic makeup of Runescape has you play for new access to new content, and to do all of that, why isolate when you can create a shared experience?

Founding Famiglia

There’s so many feelings that come to pass when I amass a clan. Memories. Lifelong memories. I want to put a face to them. I want a foundation that will last beyond the years this game comes to pass. There’s more to clans than one goal in mind. We’re not gathering to get the next drop on water, we’re meeting because we’re creating a famiglia.

Requiem Dream

Your Heart in The Requiem Famiglia is my Dream of Truth and Unity brought together with Love to provide the character of the game you know and love, Old School Runescape like you’ve played it before, but missed. Time doesn’t exist. It’s an illusion, so keep casting spells man until you fall out of the simulation into another waking day of coming back to old friends who are playing the same game as you, on the grind of daily life. This is our time!


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